Heronimus Fin prescribe their seventies-influenced rock with ‘The Pharmacist’


Seventies-influenced alt rockers, Heronimus Fin, have released a brand new video for ‘The Pharmacist’. The track is taken from the forthcoming concept album of the same name, which follows the tragic life of an individual addicted to prescription drugs.

Having released a handful of albums, the five-piece have honed their sound to a tee on this fifth effort. Still with regular flashes of their typically English eccentricities and patchouli-psych, their sound is now fleshed out with monolithic Sabbath-esque riffs: part psych; part prog; part cosmic rock.

The band have regularly featured highly in Record Collector Magazine’s list of the 500 Most Collectible Artists (outstripping everyone from Roger Waters to The White Stripes), it will come as no surprise that Heronimus Fin have once again pulled out all the stops with the physical release of their album. Rock on the Radar recently interviewed the band about the upcoming physical releases and neat gimmicks in store.

Watch the video for ‘The Pharmacist’ here:


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The Statue Thieves – “12-Page Letter”, Live

Blues, live, Psychedelic, Rock

The Statue Thieves album, Laniakea is now out, but for further evidence of the slinky blues-psych prowess, check out the live in the studio footage below. 12-Page Letter appears on the album, a serpentine crawl through the murky undergrowth.



Saint Mars shine a light on children isolated through bullying with ‘Ocean Blues’ video


Saint Mars have unveiled a brand new video for Ocean Blues [Acoustic Version].

The visual sees guest vocalist Tryzdin Grubbs performing alone on a stage in front of pastel-striped boards that read ‘Love’. The makeshift backdrop, along with the polished wooden stage, mimics the setting of a talent show that has long since finished.

Tryzdin’s seismic vocal performance narrates the plot of a young boy isolated in his home and school life, haunted by shadows. Eventually, the grey-hued surroundings are swapped for lush forest greenery when the boy appears as an adult to meet the person who promising to bring peace to his demons.

Saint Mars are gearing up for the release of ‘Celesteville’, due out later this year. The concept of the album is centered on the true story of one 13 year-old boy’s tragic experience as a result of sustained bullying. The band enlisted the vocals of viral sensation Tryzdin to give authenticity to the tracks sung by the protagonist, little realising that Tryzdin himself has suffered significantly as a result of bullying.

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Satellite Ravens have gone bananas on new video ‘AfterThoughts’


If you thought Satellite Ravens‘ music was intoxicating, wait until you see the trippy video for ‘AfterThoughts’. The single, lifted from debut record ‘The Equinox‘, has been paired with kaleidoscopic visuals of humans, landscapes, animals and mostly, bananas.

True-to-form, the video is as weird, wonderful and psychedelic as Satellite Ravens’ music. The track is a collage of late noughties indie-psych, book ended by psychedelic cacophonies. Think Empire of the Sun, MGMT, and Passion Pit if they were less mainstream and more experimental.

Satellite Ravens recently told Indie Crush about LA life, the voyage into adulthood, and bass.

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Hope Lovina demonstrates her natural prowess on-screen and in the booth with ‘Wifey’


At just sixteen-years-old, Hope Lovina is bidding to be bashment’s next star. Born and raised in Manchester, the teen discovered her singing and songwriting abilities at just six years old. During the last ten years, she’s had honed her songwriting craft and fine-tuned her voice, while culminating a clutch of tracks from numerous recording sessions. It wasn’t long until Hope inked a deal with teen initiative label Indie Muscle, who have released her first offering ‘Wifey’.

Taking notes from the aforementioned bashment artists, and borrowing from R&B divas such as the late Aliyah, Hope Lovina has emerged with a sound that’s familiar yet fresh. The song arrives with a video, directed by J Benjamin, and shot in Camden Market. The clip shows Hope flanked by dancers, demonstrating her ease in front of the camera, as well as in the vocal booth.





Watch Discrete’s new video for ‘C.G.C.’


So Sharp Productions and Director WhoIsGFX presents Discrete‘s new video for C.G.C. The singer, rapper, and producer hails from the Bay Area of Northern California, where he grew up skateboarding and penning tongue-twisting rhymes. The triple threat takes inspiration from the likes of Mac Dre, Keyshia Cole, E-40 and G-Eazy, but his prolific output has seen his lyrical style likened to Drake and Kanye West.

‘C.G.C.’ is the latest track to be lifted from recent album ‘Let Me Remind You’ which dropped back in January. Watch the video below:


Read more about Discrete on Urban Radar.

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The Statue Thieves Release Symbolism-Loaded Video to “Jacob’s Well”

Blues, Rock

Fortunately, as well as nods to life, death and all points in-between, blues/psych rock band, The Statue Thieves, have managed to make a mini-masterpiece which requires no thinking caps whatsoever to enjoy, should taking the easy route feel more enticing. Apparently the video was a one-shot piece which plays in reverse. That’s quite enough to get your head around for starters. Check it out below.

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See The Statue Thieves Live:

19th June – The Victoria, London (album launch show)

21st June – The Railway Hotel, Southend

23rd June – Bar Loco, Newcastle

24th June – The Cannon, Milton Keynes

Californian-born Hitha shares uplifting video for 'Standing Up With Pride'

Pop prospect Hitha shares uplifting video for ‘Standing Up with Pride’

Pop, singer songwriter

Hailing from California has it’s advantages. For 13-year-old Hitha, it means that sun-kissed positivity is inherent to her music.

Recent release ‘Standing Up with Pride’ is case and point. Like many teenagers, Hitha has found the demands on her time overwhelming. From homework to peer pressure, sometimes it just seems like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel.

This is a single which addresses this and gives listeners of all ages a message of hope – that by focusing on what you want to achieve in life, you can use a positive mentality to overcome any hurdle. With a video which cleverly uses black and white imagery transforming into a world of colour when Hitha realises her potential.

Read what Hitha has to say about the track over on The Pop Playlister.

Watch the full video for ‘Standing Up With Pride’ here.

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Nerves of Steele

Indie, modern pop, singer songwriter

Overcoming meningitis and, as a result, epilepsy, would for many signal an end rather than a beginning, but this is far from the case with Swedish auteur, Steele. Confirming her belief in her entrancingly shadowy music and lyrics, she writes music which makes no concession to fashion or fleeting trends. She may have been forced to embrace an entirely un-rockstar lifestyle of no alcohol, but her visceral edge is keener than ever.

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0kzNHlehBIdyCEY5xRIDDz

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Ricardo Bacelar and Elena Rose present sultry rendition of ‘Somewhere in the Hills’

Classical, Jazz, World

This post was originally published on New Frequencies.

Brazilian jazz pianist, Ricardo Bacelar, has unveiled a rendition of ‘Somewhere in the Hills’ by Antonio Carlos Jobim.

The cover sees him enlist Venezuelan torch singer Elena Rose to croon the sultry and wistful melody of the moonlit romance, while dancer Isabelle Dubois adds fire in the video with her impassioned movement and balletic choreography.

‘Somewhere In The Hills’ is the fifth video spawned from Bacelar’s recent album ‘Sebastiana’. The record is an ode to the works of Brazilian composers and a celebration of the Latin music diaspora.

‘Sebastiana’ is available to stream and buy as MP3/CD/Vinyl here.

The deluxe LP and CD packages features a booklet containing imagery from the studio sessions, landscapes which inspired some of the tracks and the distinctive artwork of Emiliano Di Cavalcanti.

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