New video: ‘Belinda’ by Albino

If stop-motion lego animation about infedility and violence is your thing, then, boy, have we found the video for you!

This is the new video for ‘Belinda’ by whiskey-fuelled vintage rockers Albino. Fans of the Doors and The Animals should make sure to heck this one out – if not for the music then simply for the amusing visuals.

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Five o Five: ‘Where They Bring Sophie’

Check out the new video from Italian alt-rockers Five o Five for their new single ‘Where They Bring Sophie’.

For fans of: Arctic Monkeys, The White Stripes, The Libertines

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Bimbi Philips: ‘Lamba’

Check out afrobeat artist, Bimbi Philips’ latest track ‘Lamba’ and the new video which sees him on top of a mountain?!

I.T consultant by day, musician by night – Bimbi is a multifaceted character with a passion for music that he takes on as soon as the clock hits 5. He transforms from everyday worker to high-flying urban music star in just a few minutes, which you’ll see in the video…

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‘Lamba’ is available on the following platforms for streaming and download: