LVL Letters to my Vibrational Lover- Chapter One


LVL is available on KINDLE, AMAZON and the website as a download and, a first for Isabel, audio book. Watch her unique little ‘dolly’, “Matilda” dramatise the story on you tube, with her partner, “Lord HD” ( porn names for dollies…) who Matilda personally ‘knitted’ into being
LVL promises to be an experiential read: Developed from the idea of having a lover whom you know in the virtual world, her hero and heroine meet in story, yet not in flesh.
Isabel talks of encouraging others to create their own sex lives in this way, ‘calling in’ their partners, playing in, “fifty shades of colour’ as she describes it, with corporeal love…in a purely vibrational way. Imagination is the key…she says.

Love, romance, hot sex, attracting money, allowing good feelings to dominate, these are the messages of Isabel Aimee- mother of three, a philosophical Doctor of Architecture, and singing, dancing, writing and drawing, ever since she could remember.


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