Steady by Steve Bonham


by Steve Bonham
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I have always played music, all my life. For the thousands of gigs, there has always been Tim, big friend and musical buddy. Two musical pals careering through rock and folk, always a bit rough and ready.

Until ataxia robbed him of his ability to play music.

And he was good, really good. A hugely talented fiddle player and bass guitarist.
Ataxia takes away your of your co-ordination. No more hell-for-leather reels. No more impossible to reproduce bass patterns. No more melancholy airs that make tough old boots misty eyed.

And I want to do something about this ataxia thing.

I want to make more people aware of it, so people don’t think those afflicted are drunk or stupid. I want to make people to see beyond the stumble and the uncertainty to the still strong person within.

And I want to raise some dosh so clever people can do good research.

And the fiddle may now hang on the wall, but Tim is still making beautiful music, creating the sounds in his head using his computer.

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