Double Agent – Lola Lamour


Lola Lamour

‘Double Agent’ is a fast paced, smooth and sultry track from Lola’s debut EP ‘Looking for Love’. The song is a rich blend of saucy swing and intricate melodies from a bygone era. The track will make you yearn for the golden age of glamour and everything else Lola has to offer.

Listen to Double Agent here:

Lola and The Lamours live presence is unmistakable and that electric energy that appears on the records stems from an inbuilt love of getting up on stage. They are an easily recognisable talent on the vintage circuit attracting revellers and enthusiasts from far and wide.

It is clear that every element of the band work together in cohesive harmony. Lola, David Lowe, and Andy Dawson emulate the technical live sound of the era and add their own bespoke touches. Lola can easily be defined as the driving force behind the success of the outfit and under her leadership the good ship Lamour has been featured on the likes of The Daily Mail, The Telegraph and Radio 4.

‘Double Agent’ is the latest single off the fantastic EP ‘Looking for Love’ out now.



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