My Psychosis – Righteous Reprobates


Based in London and Kent, they are now raring to take their music far and beyond! (News of upcoming live gigs may be expected soon.)

Merging elements of Britpop and the modern rock of bands like Oasis, Arctic Monkeys and Kasabian with classic rock from the likes of Led Zeppelin, The Beatles and Pink Floyd, Righteous Reprobates have developed their own unique sound and aesthetic which is very exciting, interesting and engaging. “Give me something sweet and moreish I can chew” sings Rob (in ‘My Psychosis’) – and this is just what RR have done!

‘My Psychosis’ is the trailblazing first single from Righteous Reprobates, aimed at conveying their aesthetic to the world and giving a first taste of the album which will be available fairly early next year.

Watch the video here:

The band recorded at Sean Kenny’s Ten21 Studios in Kent, and mastered the album with Sean Magee at the legendary Abbey Road Studios. Some Video footage was then shot at Paul Collier’s Perry Vale Studios. This wealth of experience and the quality of the people involved, added to the strong lineup of the band and the quality of Rob’s songs, really shows in the album.

RR Shoot (Still Image)-44

Righteous Reprobates are set to release their stellar single ‘My Psychosis’ on December 7th, and more material can be expected from them ahead of the release of their album next year.



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