ICYMI: French electronic producer Colder announces Your Kind Remix EP out TODAY via BATAILLE


Featuring Kasper Bjorke, Matias Aguayo & Barney Khan

“Colder’s sound is at the height of chic, the perfect late-night complement to an evening of jealous lovers” – PITCHFORK

“Many Colours is engulfed in a breathy haze, like a Joy Division record at half speed, or a slow, atmospheric ride through hazy neon minor key melancholia” – DROWNED IN SOUND

“Colder is back with a brand-new album of propulsive electronica inspired by the same intoxicating brew of Krautrock and wintry post-punk, and we should all listen up” –  RED BULL

“Snapping death disco groove, submarine drones and that listless voice conjuring night-time reflections swimming in chrome and glass” – THE QUIETUS 



Following the digital release of “Many Colours”, Colder keeps digging on his post-punk approach to the contemporary electronic scene, using the raw material of his long awaited third album to come up with a remix EP for lead single “Your Kind”, and a limited edition vinyl of the album featuring unreleased B-sides.  

Including four guest artists from different horizons and a remix from Colder himself, the Remix EP of “your Kind” manages to blend in a various mix of influences with great results:   –    Matias Aguayo’s cover version of “Your Kind” draws out the dusky substance of Colder’s track to shape it into a six-minute journey, blended in substantial techno and kicking minimal sounds. The Cómeme founder found the perfect material for a hectic, shivery remix, deeply rooted in Berlin’s night air.    –    Leaving a freezing, pending energy floating the air, Daniel Holc (aka The Left Hand Path) pulls out the modular structure of “Your Kind” to build and develop upon its sharpness. His rework adds an acid touch to the song, enhancing its primal clubbing twist. On Colder´s own words: “It sounds dark and dancy as I like 🙂 in a word – it sounds great!!!” (The Quietus)    –    Influenced by the new wave and krautrock scenes, Kasper Bjørke seemed like a match made in heaven for the remix of a Colder song. With his take on “Your Kind”, the versatile Danish producer chose to put an emphasis in of the late 70’s influences already distinctive in Colder’s music. The result is a minimalistic song filled with troubling, addictive beats, making you reach for the replay button instinctively.   –    Colder’s own take on “Your Kind” leads the track into its night form, adding a club vibe to its uncanny air. This club version shows a deeper, darker shade that expands throughout the song on a stirring note –  definitely a track shaped for a feverish night out.    –    Symbolic of the renewal of Manchester’s music scene, which is now evolving toward an industrial, ambient-techno sound, Berlin-based Barney Khan reveals in his remix of “Your Kind” a tendency towards these dark-but-fascinating beats. Khan’s remix is a piece of work whose only demand is to be played in the dark, under flashing, stroboscopic lights.

Featuring Matias Aguayo, Kasper Bjørke, Barney Khan, The Left Hand Path and an exclusive club mix by Colder himself.  The vinyl edition of Many Colours includes 3 unreleased B-sides.    Tracklist: 1    – Your Kind (Matias Aguayo Version)  2    – Your Kind (The Left Hand Path Deconstruction Remix)  3    – Your Kind (Kasper Bjørke Remix)  4    – Your Kind (Colder Club Dub Mix)  5    – Your Kind (Barney Khan Remix) 


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