In Place of War Presents; The Power of Hip Hop – LIVE!


Saturday 9th July 2016, Richmix, Shoreditch High St 12.00 – 19.30 (doors 11.30)


Part of the ‘Culture. Conflict. Change.’ series of events by In Place of War.
– in partnership with Index on Censorship
The Power of Hip Hop is a unique event involving artists across the world. 14 artists from 8 countries will discuss; RACE, RELIGION, POLITICS, GENDER and SOCIAL CHANGE through DANCE, RAP, TURNTABLISM, EXHIBITION, TALKS, SATIRE and TRUTH.
Key performers and speakers include; Rodney P (UK), DJ Woody (UK) and Afrikan Boy (UK /Nigeria).
This year, In Place of War will curate three large-scale events which showcase ground-breaking artists, activists and creative entrepreneurs from sites of conflict, post-conflict and humanitarian disaster. By pairing their outstanding and largely unseen work with some of the UK’s most prolific artists and social commentators, IPOW asks how the social change they’ve created in such challenging circumstances might also inspire UK citizens to create change through creativity in new and radical ways.
In the first of these unique events, audiences will discover why Hip Hop is such a powerful tool for
transformation and how people across the globe are using it to change lives. Since its birth in the 1970s, Hip Hop has had a conscience, today it offers alternative lives to gang members in Colombia, provides education in Venezuela, fights for freedom of speech in Zimbabwe, raises political awareness in Senegal and mobilises protestors in Egypt.
The Power of Hip Hop will follow a TED-style format; exploring the history of conscious Hip Hop and sharing lightbulb moments which made the featuring artists realise the impact of their work.

POW champions the arts as a powerful tool for social change to inspire and be inspired by exceptional artists from across the globe. These events will be recorded and available on their new digital channel to connect and empower their unique international network of artists and audiences – offering further opportunities to artists from some of the world’s most challenging contexts.

Featuring Artists at The Power of Hip Hop include:
Rodney P: One of the UK’s Hip Hop heavyweights ‘How hip-hop can transform the lives of youth’ (talk)
DJ Woody: World champion DJ, recognised as one of the most innovative Turntablists in the world -DJing the history of socially conscious hip-hop with visuals
Afrikan Boy: Popular Grime MC ‘Music is my Visa’ (talk and performance)
Poetic Pilgrimage: Hip-hop hijabs Britain’s first female Muslim hip-hop duo (talk and performance)
Smockey, Burkia Faso: ‘What happened when the government bombed my studio’ (talk and

In worldwide zones of violence and disruption In Place of War is building a creative movement, a networked and powerful platform that allows voices to be heard and opportunities to be created. With words, deeds and music they are opening up new creative spaces; sharing stories, fostering radicals and fomenting creative resistance. From the grassroots up, a community of artists and collaborators are exchanging their ideas, insights and passions to bring about change in their communities.
For more information see And T: @inplaceofwar F: /inplaceofwar

– Ends
Media enquiries to BAM! +44 20 3397 0947

Notes to Editors

Please RSVP for media entry.

Artists and organisers are available for interview.

See IPOW’s recent documentary with Vice Magazine /Noisey featuring African female Hip Hop artist
AWA here:

The Power of Hip Hop is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council and supported by Index
on Censorship and RichMix.


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