REVIEW: Skyler


Young and energetic pop artist Skyler is back on the music scene following her previous track that featured Snoop Dogg.

Watch the video here: 

The song features a energetic and lively melody which is the perfect example of the passion and dedication that Skyler has for the music that she makes. Some critics have argued that the theme of the song and the lyrics are juvenile as they focus on her desire to have a good time and party with her friends, however, in my opinion this creates a fun and light-hearted track which is perfect for teenagers or anyone who is looking for a feel good summer track!

The music video is a fun slumber party where Skyler can be seen having a good time with her friends and enjoying being young. It is the perfect accompaniment to the song and I think that it captures her aim for the track and sums up the lyrics well.

Skyler has already been very successful and her biggest achievement to date has obviously been her collaboration with Snoop Dogg, but hopefully this new track will propel her to the success she deserves to have in her own right. I would recommend that you follow her social media accounts so that you can keep up to date with what she is doing and so that you know what she will be coming out with next.

I just wanna dance is out now



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