New Cheerleader Themed Video from Inheaven

Seemingly taking inspiration from the cheerleaders in Nirvana’s iconic ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ Video, Inheaven have release the visuals to their track, ‘Treats’.

The guitars are loud and heavy and the vocals are as gritty as they come, but the focus really falls on the content of the video.

Inheaven seem to mock the stereotypical pop video with the cheerleading dance routine taking centre stage, yet this contrasts weirdly and satisfyingly with the band’s deep, grungy sound. Bassist and singer, Chloe, is even covered in blood right at the end of the video, for what reason is not clear, but this simply demonstrates some of the band’s odd artistic influences. Supposedly, the band were inspired by several film moments from directors such as David Lynch and Stephen King as well as the Dadaism art movement founded in the early 20th century.

‘Treats’ is not just a cool video, it’s a great track too.



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