‘Tennessee’ by INJIN

Alternative, Rock

Alt-rocker INJIN is no stranger to the rock’n’roll lifestyle having rubbed shoulders with members from the likes of Santana and The Jimi Hendrix Experience and now he has released his 80s infused track, ‘Tennessee’.

I N J I N’s difficult past gave him knowledge and experience and he soon grew in confidence to push musical boundaries in re-arranging songs from the likes of Pink Floyd, Ten Years After and Deep Purple with his cover band, Ruby Spoon. I N J I N took the name Ruby Spoon to America where his strong vocals made him stand out amongst the crowd.

I N J I N believes that music has lost the personal touch that it once had, so his aim with ‘Tennessee’ was to bring back the emotive edge using forgotten instruments that blend beautifully with his raw vocals. Exploring different moods within a distinctive 80s synth-rock sound, I N J I N’s music has a mystically haunting aura, marrying pacific wind instruments with electric guitars and deep synths.




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