Glenn Harrold: ‘The Wayfarer’

Country, Folk

For lovers of easy-listening, folk style music, make sure to check out ‘The Wayfarer’ by Glenn Harrold.

Harrold is also a well renowned hypnotherapist and self-help author who has sold millions of copies all over the world, but now he has employed his other talent of songwriting.

With the strong and meaningful story of the Peace Pilgrim behind the beautiful music of ‘The Wayfarer’, Glenn has a potent combination for his diversion into the world of music. ‘The Wayfarer’ also features the soft and pure vocals of Dean Rhymes, whose voice takes you on a journey of its own.

The video documents the remarkable story of Mildred Lisette Norman, otherwise known as the ‘Peace Pilgrim’, who walked across America at least 8 times in the name of world peace. With some wonderful historical footage and of course, Glenn’s well-crafted musicianship, ‘The Wayfarer’ is certainly worth a watch, and a listen.


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