M’GOO ‘I Don’t Want To Hear You Say “I’m Leaving”‘ music video

Jazz trained M’GOO are set to release their single ‘I Don’t Want To Hear You Say “I’m Leaving”‘ based on the story of a couple due to be wed but after visiting a fortune teller they start to fall apart. The unique track is taken from their upcoming concept album ‘LOVE AND ALL THAT  _ _ _ _’.

Watch the music video for the single here on Bandcamp:



The Maladaptive Solution – ‘Ontology (Form and Content)

The Maladaptive Solution aim to brainwash the nation with their new contemporary spiritual pop single ‘Ontology (Form and Content)’. The mysterious group influenced by every era and genre of music focus on creating memorable songs with great production. Contributors to The Maladaptive Solution include Brad Beard, Michael Carpenter, Michael Giblin, Jimmy Haber and Kylie Whitney.



‘Tennessee’ by INJIN

Alt-rocker INJIN is no stranger to the rock’n’roll lifestyle having rubbed shoulders with members from the likes of Santana and The Jimi Hendrix Experience and now he has released his 80s infused track, ‘Tennessee’.

I N J I N’s difficult past gave him knowledge and experience and he soon grew in confidence to push musical boundaries in re-arranging songs from the likes of Pink Floyd, Ten Years After and Deep Purple with his cover band, Ruby Spoon. I N J I N took the name Ruby Spoon to America where his strong vocals made him stand out amongst the crowd.

I N J I N believes that music has lost the personal touch that it once had, so his aim with ‘Tennessee’ was to bring back the emotive edge using forgotten instruments that blend beautifully with his raw vocals. Exploring different moods within a distinctive 80s synth-rock sound, I N J I N’s music has a mystically haunting aura, marrying pacific wind instruments with electric guitars and deep synths.




WATCH: Lasso Moon – Kimota Codeine

The alternative rock group Lasso Moon release the addictive single ‘Kimota Codeine’ alongside this raw honest music video. The video was inspired by Jim Jarmusch’s ‘Down By Law’, which was shot in black and white with no cutaways. The group found this made the video reflect their honest image and enhanced the single’s theme of transformation.

One for all you blueberry lovers out there…

With a variety health benefits and recipe ideas-aplenty, no one can argue with our most humble superfood, the blueberry. Singer-songwriter Lenny Bunn has taken things a step further though and expressed his love for ‘The Wonder of the Blueberry’ with his mouthwatering new video…

Backed with Lenny’s recently recorded cover of the classic ‘Blueberry Hill’  the video features a collage of all things ‘Blueberry’ – beware, this video may induce hungriness, thirstiness or healthiness…