Making Opera out of a Crisis

A good introduction to opera for the uninitiated would be Roger Rudenstein. His satirical operas based on George W. Bush and Donald Trump have promoted rave reviews and show that it’s an art-form that very much open to everyone.


Video of the Week: Georg Roman’s ‘Forever’

Crossover artist, Georg Roman has dropped his video for his latest single, a track that truly hits you in the face on your listen.

With a powerful operatic style voice, combined with rock tendencies, Georg Roman has developed a niche style of music that blends genres in a way that few have done before.

Comparing himself to Josh Groban, Georg takes influence from both classical artists like Luciano Pavarotti, as well as rock legends such as Eric Clapton.

Georg notes that there is nothing quite like the feeling of singing iconic opera songs like ‘Rigoletto’ or ‘Tu Ca Nun Chiagne’, and he seeks to mix this feeling with other types of music that he loves, such as rock. Georg also believes that every song should be told in its own way, and this is certainly something he does with great emphasis on ‘Forever’. Check it out!


Enchanting indie-folk single ‘Summer Night On Fairytale Land’ from Pedro Syrah

Singer-songwriter and gifted guitarist Pedro Syrah prepares for the release of his new album Fairytale Land with this intimate new track ‘Summer Night On Fairytale Land’.

The Portugal-born artist has already played in esteemed Lisbon venues such as the mighty Aula Magna and now hopes to take his fresh and exciting sound to the rest of the world!


Watch the video for ‘Summer Night on Fairytale Land’ here:

A creative guitarist, he draws a lot of influence from classical music, also playing with unconventional tunings to form a unique sound that is entirely his own.

His upcoming album is set to centre around a variety of personal themes including love stories, the loss of friends and a roadtrip he took in California. Pedro has described his sound as ‘an immersive experience into ourselves and our feelings’.

With recording set to take place in Abbey Road studio with Sean Magee, Fairytale Land is sure to take this sound to new levels.

Pedro’s music is likely to appeal to fans of indie-folk artists including Ben Howard, Damien Rice, The National and Jamie Cullum.


Pedro Syrah’s upcoming album Fairytale Land is out October


Shane Thomas

This is the awesomely talented Shane Thomas in action. This little star is only 15, but has already written numerous original classical pieces, been the youngest ever artist to sign to E.M.I. music and was once dubbed ‘Britain’s Mozart’. His talents are endless and he has a new album on the horizon. Get his new single ‘Mrs Matisse’ from 10th December.

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