Five o Five: ‘Where They Bring Sophie’

Check out the new video from Italian alt-rockers Five o Five for their new single ‘Where They Bring Sophie’.

For fans of: Arctic Monkeys, The White Stripes, The Libertines

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‘Never Start’ by Middle Kids

The new video from Middle Kids for their upbeat single ‘Never Start’ is definitely one to watch.

With an edgy black and white 1960s new-wave film vibe and tons of flashing lights, there is a great concept behind the video, directed by Emile Freeman.

The Sydney, Australia, based trio made waves across the world with their last release, ‘Edge of Town’ and they’ll be hoping to do the same with ‘Never Start’.

Worth a listen for those who like their folky-indie-rock!


Sundara Karma’s New Live Video for ‘Olympia’

I’m always one for a good live video. After all, there’s nothing like watching your favourite band doing their stuff, especially if you didn’t get tickets to the gig.

As many bands do at some point in their career, Sundara Karma have released a live video for their track, ‘Olympia’. Whilst it can seem like a cop-out, just getting a bloke with a camcorder to capture and edgy film of you playing live, it’s always a fan-pleaser and Sundara Karma do not disappoint here.

The video is taken from their packed-out gig at Heaven, London and the cinematography is good; it captures the band at their best and the lively crowd prove that Sundara Karma have already built a strong following.


Junkerry set to release the first ever Virtual Reality music video

Alternative pop musician Junkerry is in discussion with Patrick Morgan and Google Tilt to create the first ever Virtual Reality music video for her new single ‘As We Are’. The entirely unique artist has collaborated with Patrick Morgan to create a 2D music video, which will soon be transformed to Virtual Reality.

Watch the 2D video of ‘As We Are’ here:


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Carina Round releases Deranged to Divine

carina-round-deranged-to-divine-cd_dl-cover-finalWolverhampton born Carina Round has released a compilation of material, from 2001 to 2015 and some fresh material added in too. This collection perfectly illustrates the uniqueness of Round’s voice, barbed wire lyrics and a catalogue of haunting and beautiful songs. ‘Deranged to Divine’ introduces Carina as a solo artist, as she is also a member of Puscifer who are enjoying international success with their recent album ‘Money Shot’.

Carina, who is now based in California is currently working on a new solo release.

‘Deranged to Devine’ features some hauntingly beautiful songs, such as ‘Backseat’ which you can view below:

‘Backseat’ makes me think of Bon Iver, Carina could definitely be a female version of the brilliant singer, the single is taken from her ‘Things You Should Know’ project.

Also taken off of ‘Things You Should Know’ and also on ‘Deranged to Divine’ is ‘For Everything A Reason’, the track was actually featured in American Horror Story, episode 103, Witches of east end and suits…

check it out here:


Reading through some of the YouTube comments, someone describes Carina’s voice like silk, I agree, it is soft, precious and valuable.

Another track I like, is ‘Come To You’ it has haunting/spooky vibe about it and the video is a little creepy, check it out below:

It’s a great track though and nice to hear Carina doing something a little more upbeat than the other tracks I picked out off of the album.




The Northcoast release dazzling new single ‘With You’



With You is the perfect musical mix of dance, synthpop and indie sheen. Its bubbly rhythm-driving guitar riff feels lifted from “Songs from the Big Chair” or “Purple Rain”, bouncing with the same excitement that Michael Jackson’s guitarists brought to their hits in the 1980s” – Mitch Mosk (CEO Atwood Magazine)



Hailing from different locations across the north coast of America, The Northcoast’s three members come from New York, New Jersey and Seattle. They are the perfect example of how distance is no barrier to making music and with the aid of technology they have been emailing projects to each other and making music for over 10 years.

‘With You’ is an indie perfect track, I wish this had landed in my inbox about 6 weeks earlier, it would have been a soundtrack to my summer, but instead it is perfect for reminiscing about all the good times I had over summer…

It’s a bright, happy go lucky track, perfectly written, with a catchy chorus, you can’t help but sing along.

The guys also made an impact after taking to the stage on the Vans Warped tour alongside big names such as Gia Farrell, their future is already looking bright!

The Jade Assembly One Last Time

The saying ‘can’t see the wood for the trees’ could easily be applied to Manchester’s music scene… So many bands, so much attitude, so much history.  Keen to stand apart from their contemporaries, The Jade Assembly are in this for the long haul and for the right reasons, nothing is fabricated or posed, their attitude comes from an inescapable force of conviction in their music.

”Best Guitar band since Kasabian”
Clint Boom, XFM/Inspiral Carpets

”Flying flags and empowering crowds, with their anthemic rock and roll, The Jade Assembly are he enthusiastic spawn of the Britpop ere”
Emily Schofield, The Mover Music Blog

”The Jade Assembly enter like a hurricane and instantly blow away any audience drawn into their path”
Frank Floyd, Louder Than War