Bimbi Philips: ‘Lamba’

Check out afrobeat artist, Bimbi Philips’ latest track ‘Lamba’ and the new video which sees him on top of a mountain?!

I.T consultant by day, musician by night – Bimbi is a multifaceted character with a passion for music that he takes on as soon as the clock hits 5. He transforms from everyday worker to high-flying urban music star in just a few minutes, which you’ll see in the video…

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‘Stay Alive’ by Jaq Moon

If you like your hip-hop with a little bit of pop, grime and even rock thrown in, then Jaq Moon’s new track ‘Stay Alive’ is without a doubt one for you.

You’ll recognise hints of The Weeknd, Chainsmokers, Bruno Mars and even Michael Jackson in there and you know that this boy is going to be something big.

He’s even marking ‘Stay Alive’ as a protest to the presidency of Donald Trump, stating after the election that ‘It is a sad day in America and I pray for the healing and unity of our country and the world.’

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