Ben Ridley’s in a Dancing Mood

Here’s the video debut of Brighton-based singer-songwriter, Ben Ridley, formerly a classically-trained composer and pianist, now firmly camped in the 1970’s school of singer-songwriters. Bringing to mind Billy Joel and Todd Rundgren, there’s an oddly familiar sound to Dancing Mood, essentially timeless, yet oddly nostalgic. We found it rather catchy and there’s no denying there’s an element of class to the lyric video.



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Lola Lamour Brings It Back With Latest Single

Swinging singer to release ‘Are You Looking for Love?’ from latest E

Lola Lamour is the first to admit she is behind the times. In fact, she says she might as well be living in the past – she has always been “influenced by vintage styles”, and her home is furnished in a retro style, right “down to the plug sockets”.

Her music is no exception. Lola has a sophisticated sound that transports the listener back to the big band days, not least when she gets up on stage with her thirteen-piece band, performing swing, soul, rockabilly, blues and more.

But the accomplished singer isn’t entirely out of touch. Her latest single, ‘Are You Looking for Love?’ doesn’t feel out of place – it is a modern take on the sounds of the Swing Era, and is inspired by popular artists Peggy Lee and Ella Fitzgerald.

Watch  Lola’s ‘Are You Looking for Love?’ here: