Heronimus Fin prescribe their seventies-influenced rock with ‘The Pharmacist’


Seventies-influenced alt rockers, Heronimus Fin, have released a brand new video for ‘The Pharmacist’. The track is taken from the forthcoming concept album of the same name, which follows the tragic life of an individual addicted to prescription drugs.

Having released a handful of albums, the five-piece have honed their sound to a tee on this fifth effort. Still with regular flashes of their typically English eccentricities and patchouli-psych, their sound is now fleshed out with monolithic Sabbath-esque riffs: part psych; part prog; part cosmic rock.

The band have regularly featured highly in Record Collector Magazine’s list of the 500 Most Collectible Artists (outstripping everyone from Roger Waters to The White Stripes), it will come as no surprise that Heronimus Fin have once again pulled out all the stops with the physical release of their album. Rock on the Radar recently interviewed the band about the upcoming physical releases and neat gimmicks in store.

Watch the video for ‘The Pharmacist’ here:


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The Statue Thieves – “12-Page Letter”, Live

Blues, live, Psychedelic, Rock

The Statue Thieves album, Laniakea is now out, but for further evidence of the slinky blues-psych prowess, check out the live in the studio footage below. 12-Page Letter appears on the album, a serpentine crawl through the murky undergrowth.



Saint Mars shine a light on children isolated through bullying with ‘Ocean Blues’ video


Saint Mars have unveiled a brand new video for Ocean Blues [Acoustic Version].

The visual sees guest vocalist Tryzdin Grubbs performing alone on a stage in front of pastel-striped boards that read ‘Love’. The makeshift backdrop, along with the polished wooden stage, mimics the setting of a talent show that has long since finished.

Tryzdin’s seismic vocal performance narrates the plot of a young boy isolated in his home and school life, haunted by shadows. Eventually, the grey-hued surroundings are swapped for lush forest greenery when the boy appears as an adult to meet the person who promising to bring peace to his demons.

Saint Mars are gearing up for the release of ‘Celesteville’, due out later this year. The concept of the album is centered on the true story of one 13 year-old boy’s tragic experience as a result of sustained bullying. The band enlisted the vocals of viral sensation Tryzdin to give authenticity to the tracks sung by the protagonist, little realising that Tryzdin himself has suffered significantly as a result of bullying.

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The Statue Thieves Release Symbolism-Loaded Video to “Jacob’s Well”

Blues, Rock

Fortunately, as well as nods to life, death and all points in-between, blues/psych rock band, The Statue Thieves, have managed to make a mini-masterpiece which requires no thinking caps whatsoever to enjoy, should taking the easy route feel more enticing. Apparently the video was a one-shot piece which plays in reverse. That’s quite enough to get your head around for starters. Check it out below.

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See The Statue Thieves Live:

19th June – The Victoria, London (album launch show)

21st June – The Railway Hotel, Southend

23rd June – Bar Loco, Newcastle

24th June – The Cannon, Milton Keynes

Wartoad – Safe Word

Alternative, punk, Rock

Here’s Wartoad at their punkiest from their newly released debut album, What Rough Beasts. You may recognise the main elements of the video from the footage of the Christian rock ensemble which was doing the rounds a few months ago. At last it finds a positive use!

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Screamin’ Whisper Release Video For Brand New Track ‘Filth’

Alternative, Folk, Indie, Indie-Rock, live, Rock

Scotland based band Screamin’ Whisper Have been hard at work writing and recording their brand new album ‘Filth’.

And with the band steadily growing and gaining traction within their local live circuit, they are assured to be heading to a town near you.

Soundcloud:  https://soundcloud.com/screamin-whisper

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Survival Code Offer the Rock Guide to Kitchen Etiquette

Alternative, Indie-Rock, Rock

Perhaps the most engagingly fun video for some time, Survival Code have weathered a raft of line-up changes to emerge as a dynamic duo (sans capes). With the melodies and power of Royal Blood and Foo Fighters combined, The Survival Code are set to be THE band of 2018 (in kitchens and beyond!)

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Anarchy Reigns Drops New Music Video For ‘Hypocrisy’

Alternative, Metal, Rock, Rock and Roll, singer songwriter

This. Is. Hypocrisy. The Lyric/music video for this momentous tune, which is making the rounds in politically driven music. The idea of making people aware came from Hitch’s(lead singer) mind, and the passion he uses to drive his projects.

After being urged to learn to play an instrument by his wife, Hitch made every effort he could to practice and learn producing, recording and performing live.

This dark, twisted lyric video includes images to stun, which will make people remember the video and what its trying to get across.

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/duncan-hitch-morris
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJTh2uHiEgnw0LoIdrzSWtQ/featured
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Website: http://www.anarchyreigns.net/

The Broken Islands Official Music Video For ‘No One Left To Kill’

Alternative, Dance, Electronic, Hip Hop, Indie, Indie-Rock, Pop, Rock

With music brought to you by the much loved and exciting ‘Broken Islands’, this fresh and artistic take on the ultimate anthem proves to be a fantastic instalment.

Be sure to check them out:

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-475951978/sets/wars
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5gpCj0xQj8BwdG3uXPUJRr
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Festive Drinking Advice from Heavyball

Indie, Pop, Rock, ska

On the eve of their new album’s launch, Heavyball’s jolly nod to the glories of drinking in pubs is just the tonic (and gin) for the festive season. Formed in Nottingham but now based around the UK, Heavyball’s style is honking ska but more especially deeply rooted in the indignities and minutiae of everyday life. Their new album, “When Can You Start?” follows a hapless everyday hero during the last week of his life as an office drone. A tragi-comedy for a new generation, it’s just what you need to reflect and look forward whilst spilling your pint and losing your phone.

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/heavyball       

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/7l1XJIYCH6Kop2j6plDWvk

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