Ricardo Bacelar and Elena Rose present sultry rendition of ‘Somewhere in the Hills’

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Brazilian jazz pianist, Ricardo Bacelar, has unveiled a rendition of ‘Somewhere in the Hills’ by Antonio Carlos Jobim.

The cover sees him enlist Venezuelan torch singer Elena Rose to croon the sultry and wistful melody of the moonlit romance, while dancer Isabelle Dubois adds fire in the video with her impassioned movement and balletic choreography.

‘Somewhere In The Hills’ is the fifth video spawned from Bacelar’s recent album ‘Sebastiana’. The record is an ode to the works of Brazilian composers and a celebration of the Latin music diaspora.

‘Sebastiana’ is available to stream and buy as MP3/CD/Vinyl here.

The deluxe LP and CD packages features a booklet containing imagery from the studio sessions, landscapes which inspired some of the tracks and the distinctive artwork of Emiliano Di Cavalcanti.

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Jonny Dee shares stripped back video of 'Blue Submarine' lifted from forthcoming album 'The Human Experience'

Jonny Dee shares stripped-back rendition of album track ‘Blue Submarine’

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Jonny Dee has shared a live clip of ‘Blue Submarine‘ ahead of his album release. The song is third in the track listing of his forthcoming record ‘The Human Experience‘. The video (below) showcases his new-found aptitude for guitar and features overdubs of the musician explaining how he draws inspiration from the world around him.

When we spoke to Dee about the forthcoming release he said:

The whole idea of ‘The Human Experience’ is essentially understanding and loving yourself more and more, to the point that when you look back out at the rest of the world, a lot of the struggles that people have just don’t make sense.

“It’s all about a person getting more in touch with themselves, finding happiness that way, and wanting to help others to do the same. The music is a guideline I guess to find some freedom and peace from the “everyday struggles”. ‘The Human Experience’ is the act of going out and trying to understand humans, why they do the things they do, treat each other the way they do, and trying to help them.”

Watch the video below:

‘The Human Experience’  is due May 12.

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Ricardo Bacelar’s Postcard From Brazil

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Animated videos can look so cheap and schlocky when done half-heartedly but when they’re done right, they’e sumptuous works of art. Ricardo Bacelar is one of Brazil’s most respected jazz musicians and composers and his latest album, Sebastiana, sees him assembling musicians from across Latin America to bring a fresh perspective on some Brazilian works from the past as well as some new compositions. The video just makes you want to live in this world.

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Hunter Delivers the Most Outrageous Video of the Year!

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Well, if you’re going to write a song to illicit a reaction, this is definitely how you do it. Featuring footage of fascist marches, some hilariously suggestive silhouettes and those all-important lyrics, this is an absolute classic in the making. Hunter’s anti-homophobia blues anthem is clearly going to appall some people, which can only be a good thing – no-one wants to be ignored right? Have a watch and be thoroughly entertained

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Julia Mascetti Blossoms with Live Rendition of “In Bloom”

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Ex-pat harpist, Julia Mascetti is making quite a name for herself in her adopted home of Tokyo. Combining a very British style of folk and singer-songwriter sensibilities with traditional Japanese musical accompaniment: this live rendition of the lead track from her forthcoming EP, “In Distance, Everything is Poetry” shows her dark, spooky side in a unique setting.


Ms. Mohammed Thrills and Chills With Alibi Video

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Utterly intoxicating stuff from Ms Mohammed, the founder of Clit Rock and champion of human rights, has released the video to Alibi…just in time for Halloween.

In actual fact, despite looking like a video directed by the Ramsay Brothers, it’s a salient commentary challenging the labels given to minorities, with the aim, ultimately, being that we exist simply as people. Incredibly cinematic, we look forward to more vampish politics very soon.

Kalibé’s Sweet And Spirtual Music Video For “Tudo Gira”

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From music creator Matteo, comes the music video for “Tudo Gira” off of latest album ‘Mãe da Lua’ from Kalibé. Bringing in aspects of cultural and spiritual life, this is an enchanting and beautifully constructed piece. Conveying picturesque scenery and wonderful parts of the world, this video does not disappoint.

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‘Why Did I Lose You’, Neethusha’s Emotionally Driven Music Video Will Tug On Your Heart Strings

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Neethusha Cherckal’s Official Music Video for single ‘Why Did I Lose You’. An emotional and heartfelt Music Video from director Ashwin Koushan, starring Neethusha as well as co-star Jonathan Aaron. Produced by Liquidsouldimesnsions. 

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