Inspirational Video from Singer-Songwriter, Adam Lanceley

Prolific singer-songwriter, Adam Lanceley, has released the video to his song, “A Film We All Saw”, which shows him strolling through the picturesque streets of Cambridge. So far, so unremarkable, right? Wrong – Adam was critically injured in a traffic accident when he was ten years old, leaving him with a crushed pelvis, broken limbs and a serious brain injury. Told by doctors he’d never walk or talk again, he has proved them wrong at every hurdle. His latest milestone is this video which, to repeat, sees him strolling around Cambridge. And singing. Inspirational stuff.


Julia Mascetti Blossoms with Live Rendition of “In Bloom”

Ex-pat harpist, Julia Mascetti is making quite a name for herself in her adopted home of Tokyo. Combining a very British style of folk and singer-songwriter sensibilities with traditional Japanese musical accompaniment: this live rendition of the lead track from her forthcoming EP, “In Distance, Everything is Poetry” shows her dark, spooky side in a unique setting.

Celebration of Life Show Off Football Skills and Charitable Side.

Heart-warming stuff from a one-off project brought together to help one little boy, Jaden, fighting against terminal illness and raise awareness for the Demelza hospice, which do so much unsung work supporting families through such terrible ordeals. With a cast of thousands (nearly) including General Levy, Navigator and Demolition Man, this is thumping good reggae with lashing of drum & bass. Released on 18th December, check out the links below the video.




Twitter: @celebratelifeuk

Instagram: celebrationoflifeglobal


Ms. Mohammed Thrills and Chills With Alibi Video

Utterly intoxicating stuff from Ms Mohammed, the founder of Clit Rock and champion of human rights, has released the video to Alibi…just in time for Halloween.

In actual fact, despite looking like a video directed by the Ramsay Brothers, it’s a salient commentary challenging the labels given to minorities, with the aim, ultimately, being that we exist simply as people. Incredibly cinematic, we look forward to more vampish politics very soon.

Homerik – “A Song of the Night Part 1”

Just in time for Halloween, New York symphonic death metal trio, Homerik, have released the long-anticipated video to their track, “A Song of the Night Part 1”. Although featuring a spooky house, skull-headed beings and red-eyed creeps, there is also a serious message.

Watch their epic video to “A Song of the Night Part 1″ here:

Kalibé’s Sweet And Spirtual Music Video For “Tudo Gira”

From music creator Matteo, comes the music video for “Tudo Gira” off of latest album ‘Mãe da Lua’ from Kalibé. Bringing in aspects of cultural and spiritual life, this is an enchanting and beautifully constructed piece. Conveying picturesque scenery and wonderful parts of the world, this video does not disappoint.



Kid Kapichi’s ‘Waster’ Music Video Gives Us the Ultimate Plot Twist

Brought to you by Director James Green, Kid Kapichi’s music video for track ‘Waster‘ is an astonishing take on the Party culture possessed by the youth of today.

With a brilliant performance from lead ‘Waster’ , Sam Woodhams, and even the band themselves making an appearance, this is a video you need to see!

You can find more Kid Kapichi here: